Geiteyjarströnd 4

GPS (65.598862, -16.931913) .

This house was built in 1937, as a small farm. There were 3 brothers who built the house. They lived on traditional farming with a focus on sheeps  and fishing. In the basement, the brothers build a cowshed. The cow they milked every day had to go down the stairs and swing into the cowshed.  To day, the cowshed is changed to the smallest bedroom.

In 1972, a fishing family bought the house from the brothers' heirs. These heirs run Dimmuborgir Guesthouse to day.

In 1972, Bjøssi Sør and Hilla moved from Husavik to Geiteyjarstrønd, and thus Bjøssi left his profession as a seaman and started as a factory worker.

Bjössi and Hilla are concerned with nature conservation and planting of trees. They laid a lot of work in the garden around the house, and it was one of the most beautiful gardens in the area when they lived in the house.

The house is today owned by a family business, Mývó ehf, that leases the house to guests and offers photo tours and trips in the area around Myvatn

We hope that the guests enjoy the fine atmosphere in the house and treat the house and all the little things that are in the house and the garden with care.

  • You will find the keys in the key box on the handrail at the main entrance. We will send you the code in email before you arrive
  • You put the key in the box when leaving the house and lock the box.
  • The main entrance, as often in the old days, has 2 doors. The same key fits both doors. The outer door can be fixed in the open position
  • You have access to the whole house but there are 3 rooms that are marked with STAFF ONLY which are not intended for guests. We request that guests respect these restrictions.
  • We ask guests to take off shoes in the hall, to prevent the parquet and floor coverings
  • Guests can use whatever we have placed in the area available.
  • Please wash and replace equipment in the same place that you found the equipment, before leaving.
  • Pillows that can be used for outdoor armchairs can be found in the basement room marked with STFF ONLY. If you use the pillows, we ask you to replace the pillows in the room after use. Remember that the whether changes rapidly in Iceland.
  • The water in the taps can be very hot. Be careful not to get burned.
  • The house is heated by geothermal water. But the oven system in the house is old and was designed for different types of heating. It is therefore difficult to regulate the temperature. Basically, the stoves are adjusted so that the temperature upstairs  is about 22 degrees Celsius, and downstairs about 19 degrees. With strong sunlight or strong cold wind, it may become warmer or colder. We ask guests to avoid rotate the taps to change the temperature since it may cause undesirable results. Call the host and ask for assistance.
  • There can be a lot of flies at Myvatn. There are about 25 different types. Most are harmless, but can be annoying. One type can stick but the sticks are not dangerous. This type comes 2 to 3 times a year and lives about one day.
  • The flies are not troublesome indoors. Therefore, it is neither necessary to have the windows closed wide or to put nets in the windows. Flies coming in search for windows and crabs on the route and die. Therefore, it is necessary to vacuum the window frames often. Do not use wet cloth. Pick up the vacuum cleaner that is in the largest bathroom and vacuum.

If you need to get in touch with Mývó, just call +354 780 4202, or send a message:

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